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A laser mark way used to mark the qr code

Qr code to play on the goods how can permanently marked on it? Is mainly applied to qr code laser marking machine. Qr code of the application is more and more popular, we know it is along with the advancement of Internet development and application of a very wide range of powerful weapon. For more information for it is a very important channel, traced back, advertising message, website jump, promotional activities, their functions are to use this very simple and important method.

Industrial use more appropriate is a laser mark on the way to the mark of qr code. Mainly reflected in the following several advantages:

First, the marking effect is good! Permanent marking effect, will not be friction vaporizing disappear, also not easy to counterfeit.

Second, marking high efficiency! High efficiency are the result of enterprise thought, marks a qr code just a few seconds to complete, zero contact processing methods, processing effect is obvious.

Third, marking materials! Can be very much, tag information of metal or nonmetal, the information can be signs.

Fourth, marking the low loss! Contaminated situation of zero, zero loss, loss is quite low, the interest of saving in enterprises feel more relaxed.

Qr code with a laser marking machine scan such signs, mainly is the business enterprise ability of specific said, so choose a good laser marking machine also is particularly important.

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